Women Like Us & Women Like That: Rainbow Film Festival 2016

Saturday 15th October 1.30pm Double Bill

Women Like Us (1989) & Women Like That (1991) – followed by a discussion with the Director Rosalind Pearson. UK. 55 mins & 30 mins

Women_Like_Us(1) First screened in 1989 as part of Channel 4’s groundbreaking TV series ‘Out on Tuesday’, these two documentaries explore and revisit the lives of older lesbians in the UK from different cultures, classes and backgrounds from the 1920s to that present day (1989). Their stories incorporate ideas about lesbianism, the changing image of lesbians, love and romance, the pressures that led some of them to marry and the later discovery of their lesbian identity with the subsequent coming out stories to their children.

Putting this in context, only 6 years earlier Channel 4 had launched ‘One in Five’, a weekly programme for the gay and lesbian communities which led to calls for Channel 4 to be scrapped! Women_Like_That

We have been trying to get hold of these 2 films: Women Like Us & Women Like That  for years so we are delighted to be able to screen them and welcome Director Rosalind Pearson to join us for a discussion, Chaired by Jane Traies. We hope other special guests will join us to update you 25 years on!

For the full rundown visit www.rainbowfilmfestival.org.uk at The Old Market Hall Cinema, The Square, Shrewsbury