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Aberration online for LGBT+ History Month UK: talks, music, poetry & our cult quiz!


7pm to 9.30pm Fri 26 Feb 2021

Many thanks to our amazing contributors and audience for an intense night of talks, info, sharing, solidarity, poems, song, chat and quizzicality! Here are some links (in red) to find out more:

Check out the English translation of the verses recited by Rhys.

Jane Traies and Maggy Moyo talked about LISG (Lesbian Immigration Support Group) and their new book, Free to Be Me – mention Aberration to order your copy at a discount!

Chris Lee from the Romani Cultural and Arts Company in Cardiff told us about the new Gypsy, Roma and Traveller LGBTQI+ Spoken History Archive.

Cheryl Morgan has written a special blog post with more about the quest for Trans Celts.

Norena Shopland launched her new Welsh Pride timeline as an e-mag.

We heard music from Cerys Hafana whose new album Cwmwl is available now.

And watch this space for more about queering the museums of Cymru!


These event details are here as part of our archive but the event has now passed. 

Join us on a voyage through history, from antiquity to our own lifetimes! As we can’t manage to celebrate LGBT+ History Month and International Women’s Day separately this year in the Weird Times, we’re unashamedly biased towards women speakers for this special event.

7pm CROESO / WELCOME from co-host Ruth Fowler, followed by…

Cheryl Morgan speaking on ‘Trans People in Celtic Britain’. This talk will look at the evidence for Gender Diversity in early Britain, from the Roman invasion through to the legends of King Arthur. Cheryl is a writer, critic and publisher with a strong interest in the history of trans people. She is co-chair of OutStories Bristol, and is a regular speaker on the LGBT+ History Month circuit. (In fact, that’s where we met her and first dreamed of inviting her to Aberration.)

7.30pm Norena Shopland launches her Welsh Pride timeline e-mag along with our co-host Jane Hoy. Norena has been an inspiration to the rest of us as we dig into the LGBTQ+ history of Wales. Now she’s about to make that history even more accessible with this new treasure trove. Norena is also the author of lively and informative books like Forbidden Lives: LGBT Stories from Wales. DOWNLOAD THE E-MAG NOW!

Mark Etheridge from St Fagans (National Museum of History, Amgueddfa Cymru) will tell us about his mission to queer up the archive. As curator of LGBTQ+ history, he is keen to include Mid Wales. As well as objects, documents and photographs, Mark is collecting oral histories.

Discussion: What would you put in a queer museum and why? Bring along your object and let’s chat in smaller groups (or just listen if you prefer).

Tickets on Eventbrite>>

8pm Jane Traies is the editor of new book Free to Be Me: Refugee Stories – interviews with members of the Lesbian Immigration Support Group (LISG) in Manchester. Jane previously spoke to us about Now You See Me, her volume of oral history interviews with older lesbians. She has spent the last year working with LISG members (and our own Helen Sandler) to produce this moving and important new collection.

BOOK OFFER: Free to Be Me is out soon from Tollington Press. Mention Aberration for a £2 discount when you pre-order direct from Jane: (reduced to £10 + postage).

Maggy Moyo is a contributor to the book and will share a journey of self-discovery. Maggy fled  from her highly conservative home country in Africa to the UK. The attitude of the authorities here to lesbian asylum seekers has caused further distress to herself and her friends in the Lesbian Immigration Support Group. Maggy is a tireless human rights campaigner and works for Right to Remain, campaigning to end immigration detention in the UK.

8.30pm The Romani Cultural and Arts Company in Cardiff recently launched their Gypsy, Roma and Traveller LGBTQI+ Spoken History Archive. Chris Lee will tell us about this exciting collection of interviews and the social movement behind it. Chris is a community champion and researcher at the company, and conducted the oral history project with Isaac Blake and Daniel Baker. In 2019 she spoke at the Senedd at the first GRT LGBTQI+ conference in the UK. 

Ruth Fowler

9pm Ruth Fowler presents her cult quiz: ‘Who Wants to Win Three Quid When This Is All Over?’ with a special queer history focus.

9.20pm Jane Hoy then presents ‘Out In Aber’ – our contribution to the new Amgueddfa Ceredigion Museum virtual tour:

Rosie Collins, a retired top international scientist, and Sara McAleese, a very short midwife from Somerset, together founded the mythical ‘Wrecked@TheBoatClub’. This monthly night out for all kinds of queer women, in a dilapidated old building on Aberystwyth harbour, is now memorialised on audio.

Followed by ‘Lesberados’ lyrics from our previous oral history workshop about Wrecked – now put to music by talented musician Cerys Hafana.

Jane Hoy (second from right) with the crew, including Sara and Rosie, at last year’s tour from the museum


Interludes: favourite tracks for you to sing along or have a bop.

Queer poems from Wales: read by Rhys Lewis.

Closing toast around 9.30pm

BOOK NOW on Eventbrite>>

Suggested ticket donation between £1 and £5 (goes towards event costs). This is an online event. Book one ticket per device, eg if two of you are watching on one laptop, book one ticket. Zoom link will be sent to you on the day. Above timings are approximate.

~ Spirit of Aberration ~

Come along in the spirit of Aberration – queer arts, activism, community and diversity. We are (of course) trans-inclusive and anti-racist. You are welcome whether you are lesbian, gay or bi, trans, genderqueer or non-binary, queer or questioning, intersex, asexual… or an open-minded ally! Yes that absolutely includes straight friends 🙂 so stop wondering and come along!

Aberration Pride

7pm Saturday 18 July 2020 online

Aberration Pride: A great night in for the LGBT+ community of Mid Wales and our friends! Music, comedy, drag, spoken word, speakers, contests, dancing + more

This fab sold-out event is now over and is included here as part of our archive.


After running a series of low-key Aberration Adre (Aberration at Home) events, we are delighted to announce the first-ever Aberration Pride! Cyffrous!

Author Mike Parker will open the event followed by amazing acts including gender-bending lip-sync from Rhys’s Pieces, queer comedy from Shelf, spoken word from Dean Atta, music from Zoey Allen, Toby Carvery’s Good Dog Show, and the return of the cult quiz ‘Who Wants to Win Three Quid When This Is All Over?’ with Ruth Fowler (who co-hosts the evening with Helen Sandler and Jane Hoy).

We will hear inspiring words about Pride and LGBT+ rights from activists including Laolu Alatise, Aled Gustafson and Kate Rose. We also hope to hear from friends in Poland.


Pride from your sofa

Take part or take a back seat, but take pride! There’ll be a Virtual Pride March and lots of chances for you to have a bop.

We’re showcasing artists and speakers from near and far. And if you’ve never managed to travel to Aberystwyth for Aberration, now’s your chance to ‘be part of the queer arts scene that’s taking Mid Wales by storm’. (DIVA)

Bring your dog (real or stuffed) for a chance to enter Toby’s Good Dog Show


Please join us at Aberration Pride! Tickets are free on Eventbrite but we’ll be suggesting good causes for you to make donations if you can afford it. You’ll see instructions for how to get the Zoom link after you register. See you soon! Edrych ymlaen!

You can also join the Facebook event page to stay in the loop >>

~ Spirit of Aberration ~

Come along in the spirit of Aberration – queer arts, activism, community and diversity. We are (of course) trans-inclusive and anti-racist. You are welcome whether you are lesbian, gay or bi, trans, genderqueer or non-binary, queer or questioning, intersex, asexual… or an open-minded ally! This online event is aimed at people aged 16+ and includes adult themes.

IWD performers

Three exciting acts are appearing in the second half of Our Voices, Our Lives on 7 March 2020 at Aberystwyth Arts Centre. They are Dancing Queer, Louise & the Feathers, and Kittie Belltree. Your host is Helen Sandler. Details below. TICKETS>>

Shrouk El-Attar’s Dancing Queer

Dancing Queer (photo @LeviticusHinds)

Shrouk El-Attar (She/They) is an electronics design engineer who was born in Egypt and has been living in the United Kingdom as a refugee since 2007. She is an activist for refugee rights in the UK, and for LGBT rights in her native Egypt.

She performs as a belly dancer in an act called “Dancing Queer”, to raise funds for legal defense fees for LGBT people in Egypt, and to help with relocation for those persecuted and at risk because of their gender or sexuality. It’s a performance that mixes belly dancing, Arabic songs, magic tricks, and comedy!

Belly dancers should have long hair and shave their legs and underarms? Well, not this one! Named by the United Nations as Young Woman of the Year and listed by the BBC top 100 influential women Worldwide, this Egyptian, hairy, bearded, pierced and tattooed Queer Refugee dancer will give you a very authentic performance with a twist!

As featured on Pink News, BBC, Huffpost, Buzzfeed, Reuters, and more!

“Although I don’t believe that neither I, nor anyone, needs to provide a reason to dance: I dance because where I come from being a belly dancer is considered to be shameful. I dance to break a stereotype of what a belly dancer “should look like”. I dance because I want to show the world that you can absolutely be a belly dancer and a kick-ass engineer at the same time! I dance because it connects me to my roots and culture. I dance because it makes me happy. But perhaps most importantly, I dance as a form of protest against the treatment of my LGBT+ siblings persecuted around the world just for being who they are.” – Shrouk El Attar @ShroukELA

Louise and the Feathers

Louise and the Feathers

Louise and The Feathers (the artist formerly known as Emily Farr!) is a creation after years of writing, jamming and finally wanting to share my folk, pop, rock vibe with influences from Florence and The Machine, Paolo Nutini, Alison Moyet, Tina Turner, Annie Lennox, Haim, Kate Bush, 4 Non Blondes and more.

From Birmingham originally, we moved to Mid Wales when I was 9 and I have been writing ever since, playing in a variety of bands and at numerous open mic nights. Then revisiting early written originals (in 2017), I decided to start afresh using my middle name “Louise” representing the roots of my music passion, alongside “and the feathers” linking to spiritual perspectives and a love of nature with the hope to form a band and gain feathery fans.

To test the water, I shared a demo EP ‘Fallen Leaf’, which had recorded at home and received great feedback, but felt could do more at a studio. So in 2019, I got ‘Mistress, ‘Can’t Stop Thinking About’, ‘Come Back’, ‘Faded Away’ and ‘Rich Tea Biscuit’ recorded at Aberystwyth Music Studio, with additions from Ivan Anchant, bass and backing vocals from Andy Lloyd-Williams and mixing and mastering by Steffan Woodruff’s. All steadily shared and now all together on ‘Window View’ EP. Alongside this I did various gigs including Pembs Fest, West Fest, Cwmaman Festival and Caffi Iechyd Da. Now I am excited to get further afield and work on EP2 ‘Reflection’!  #LaTF @LouiseATF

Kittie Belltree

Poet Kittie Belltree

In her debut collection, Sliced Tongue and Pearl Cufflinks (Parthian), Kittie Belltree explores fractured connections of self, family and home. At the heart of these poems are a daughter’s fraught relationships with  a mother who grew up in National Socialist Germany and her half-Japanese father, who survived three years as a POW in Czechoslovakia. These dark themes are counterbalanced by moments of comical absurdity and delightful domestic chaos.

‘Haunting yet poignant … it is poetry that will undoubtedly change your perception of modern reality.’ New Welsh Reader

Kittie’s new poetry collection

Kittie Belltree was born in south London and lives in Wales. Her poems and short stories have been published in Orbis, The North, Under the Radar, I am not a silent poet, Poetry Wales, New Welsh Review, The Lampeter Review and Brittle Star. She has been a Literature Wales Bursary recipient, shortlisted for the Venture Award and highly commended in the Welsh International Poetry Competition, the PENfro Poetry Festival Competition, The Camden and Lumen Poetry Competition and the Orbis Readers Award. @kittiebelltree


The evening is compered by Aberration regular Helen Sandler, holding it all together in a near-organised fashion.

More info and tickets

Get your tickets now for Our Voices, Our Lives! TICKETS: Aberystwyth Arts Centre 01970 62 32 32

Full programme for 7 March >>
Afternoon workshops for women >>


IWD speakers


Saturday 7 March 2020 for International Women’s Day at Aberystwyth Arts Centre

The first part of the evening (6 to 7.30pm) is a panel discussion with the theme of Speak Up! We are fortunate to have three inspiring women on the panel:

Maria Constanza Mesa

Maria is the Operational Director of Women Connect First – a Cardiff-based charity to empower BAME women – and a WEN Board member. Originally from Colombia, she arrived in Wales as a refugee and has over 30 years’ experience in social work and community development, specialising in gender and race issues.

Leena Sarah Farhat

Leena is a computer science student at Aberystwyth University and a young activist with the Liberal Democrats. She is first generation British, multilingual and international in outlook. Leena has campaigned to prevent violence against women and for improved Welsh language provision, among other passions. She is a prospective candidate for the Senedd.

Shrouk El-Attar

An activist for the rights of refugees and LGBT+ people, Shrouk is herself a refugee from Egypt. She is based in Bristol where she is an electronics engineer by day, a Dancing Queer by night (as we will see when she performs for us later on!). Named by the BBC as one of the 100 most influential women in the world.

Facilitator: Helen Sandler

Our Aberration co-programmer will be facilitating the discussion. Helen runs Tollington Press, publishing new books by women. She is an experienced chairperson and enjoys getting people talking and drawing out common threads. (Photo by Heather Broster)

We will ask:

  • How do we get heard?  
  • How have our panel members been effective in their work?
  • How do they use their voices to campaign around the issues facing women in their lives today, in Wales, the UK and the world?
  • And what can the rest of us learn from their experiences?

There will be time for questions from the audience and discussion. After an interval, sit back and enjoy our live entertainment.

Get your tickets for Our Voices, Our Lives (including panel and entertainment) from Aberystwyth Arts Centre >>

Workshops for women earlier the same day >>

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International Women’s Day 2020 ~ ‘Our Voices, Our Lives’ evening

Aberystwyth 7 March 2020

Diwrnod Rhyngwladol y Menywod 7 Mawrth

Shrouk dancing with rainbow flag
Shrouk El Attar performs her ‘Dancing Queer’ act
Photo: @Diego_Maeso_ 

Celebrate International Women’s Day (a day early) on Saturday 7 March with a sparky and inspiring evening of talks, discussion and live music! At Aberystwyth Arts Centre. Organised in partnership by Aberration / SpringOut, Aberystwyth University and WEN Wales.

English details below // Cymraeg >>

6 to 10pm
Our Voices, Our Lives

Talks and live performance to challenge, dazzle and inspire. Hosted by Helen Sandler. £7 / £5 (concessions) – your ticket is for the whole evening. TICKETS>>

6pm Panel discussion on the theme ‘Speak Up’: amplifying crucial issues affecting women’s lives in Wales and beyond. How can campaigners be heard and be effective? With activists Maria Mesa, Leena Sarah Farhat and Shrouk El-Attar. Read more about speakers >>

8pm Live performance

Shrouk El-Attar’s gyrating and gender-bending Dancing Queer (pictured, top) brings us magic tricks and Egyptian belly-dancing. Plus beautiful live music from Louise and the Feathers, whose second EP is now in progress; and truth-telling poetry from Kittie Belltree whose new collection Sliced Tongue and Pearl Cufflinks came out recently from Parthian. Read more about performers >>

Evening open to everyone interested in women’s equality, whatever your gender (women, men, non-binary – all welcome). Events mainly in English. Age guidance 14+. Programme has changed slightly since we printed our leaflets due to unforeseen circumstances.

TICKETS: Aberystwyth Arts Centre 01970 62 32 32

WORKSHOPS: Earlier the same day we are running an afternoon of creative workshops for women. Release your inner rock star with our ‘Encore’ music session run by The Rock Project, or make your own zine with artist Nicky Arscott. More about workshops here>>

Women’s Equality Network Wales Cymru
Prifysgol Aberystwyth University

International Women’s Day workshops

Saturday 7 March 2020, Aberystwyth Arts Centre

An afternoon of workshops for women at Aberystwyth Arts Centre

There are three inspiring creative workshops to choose from, listed below with ticket links. Book now – and be sure to buy tickets for the evening event, ‘Our Voices, Our Lives’, too.

12 women per workshop (age 16+, trans women and non-binary people welcome at all sessions).

1. Our Selfies, Ourselves – Zine-making workshop for women

12.30 to 2.30pm in the Digilab, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, £5/£3 TICKETS>>

Fed up with the portrayal of women in the media? We’ll take matters into our own hands as we draw, cut, stick, stamp and collage our very own ‘zines’ with artist Nicky Arscott.

Zines (short for ‘magazines’) are hand-made or low-tech booklets and magazines with a creative, DIY feel. No experience or special talent is needed to make them!

‘Blind Carbon Copy’ by Nicky Arscott

Nicky Arscott lives in Llanbrynmair and specialises in making poetry comics. She has exhibited at Aberystwyth Arts Centre, MOMA Machynlleth and Oriel Davies Newtown. She has an MA in Creative Writing and is one of the directors of Ennyn CIC, which promotes art and creativity in schools and communities. Nicky is a friendly and encouraging workshop leader. TICKETS>>

2. Sounding Off! – Theatre workshop for women CANCELLED

Unfortunately this workshop has been cancelled due to low numbers.

Apologies for any disappointment. The box office have written to everyone who booked to offer them either another workshop or a refund.

3. Encore! – music workshop for women
with The Rock Project

3-5pm in the Students Union, adjacent to Aberystwyth Arts Centre, £5/£3

As of Friday 6 March, a small number of places remain – vocals or guitar only – please phone the box office on 01970 623232 to book your place!

Release your inner rock star! This one-off taster workshop starts with a lesson on specific instruments or vocals in small groups. This is followed by a ‘plug and play’ session where you will all be able to put into practice what you have learnt by playing together as a band. Mentored by the tutors throughout. 

You do not need any experience – beginners are welcome. On the other hand, if you have been a bedroom player all your life and want to play with other musicians, then this is your chance. So whether you are 20, 30, 40 or 70-something, if you have always dreamt of being in a rock band, Encore is just what you’ve been waiting for.

All instruments provided. Capacity: three drums, three guitar, two bass and four vocals. Express your preference when booking. Led by Lisa and Liesa: friendly and knowledgeable tutors who also offer longer courses for adults and children with The Rock Project Aberystwyth.

Evening event

See details of ‘Our Voices, Our Lives’>>

International Women’s Day programme is organised in partnership by Aberration, Aberystwyth University and WEN Wales, with support from The Rock Project.

LGBT History Month / Mis Hanes LHDT 2020

FORGOTTEN STARS ~ Aberration, Saturday 8 February 2020 / Dydd Sadwrn 8 Chwefror 2020

Scroll down for details in English (pink) and Cymraeg (melyn). Digwyddiadau yn Saesneg yn bennaf / Events mostly in English.

SARAH JANE REES (‘Cranogwen’, 1839 – 1916)
bardd, golygydd, a sefydlydd ‘Merched y De’ // poet, navigator, schoolteacher, editor

1.30 to 3.30pm [SOLD OUT] LGBT+ History Walk around
Aberystwyth. Meet at Ceredigion Museum where your guide, Jane Hoy of Living Histories Cymru, will take you on a tour round Aberystwyth meeting LGBT+ characters from the past, from Sarah Jane Rees to Goronwy Rees. Expect the unexpected! All welcome. (Indoors at museum if too wet or windy.) Limited to 20 places. SOLD OUT.

1.30-3.30 yh [WEDI GWERTHU ALLAN] Taith Gerdded yn olrhain hanes pobl LGBTQ Aberystwyth. Fel rhan o ddathliadau mis dathlu Hanes LGBT, ymunwch â ‘Hanesion Byw Cymru’ ar daith gerdded o amgylch Aberystwyth a dewch i gyfarfod â rhai o bobl LBGT mwyaf dylanwadol hanes y dref, pobl sydd bron wedi mynd yn angof. Man cyfarfod – Amgueddfa Ceredigion. WEDI GWERTHU ALLAN.

Yasmin Begum

4.30 to 6pm Workshop at Aberystwyth Arts Centre:
Yasmin Begum is a writer, artist and activist from Cardiff. As a member of the 1919 Race Riots collective she will run a zine-making workshop delving into exciting ideas of Welsh identity, language, history and cultural memory with an emphasis on inclusivity and accessibility. (Zines are creative / lo-fi magazines or booklets.) Meet at Box Office at 4.20pm to go to Creative Studios 5&6 (silver pod). £5 / £3. WORKSHOP TICKETS>>

4.30-6 yh Gweithdy: Mae Yasmin Begum yn ysgrifennwr, artist ac actifydd o Gaerdydd. Bydd hi’n cynnal gweithdy gwneud zine, gan ymchwilio a syniadau cyffrous o hunaniaeth Gymreig, iaith, hanes a chof diwylliannol gyda phwyslais ar gynwysoldeb a hygyrchedd. (Mae zines yn gylchgronau neu lyfrynnau creadigol/lo-fi.) Cwrdd yn y Swyddfa docynnau am 4.20 yh i fynd i stiwdios creadigol 5 i 6 (pod arian). £5/£3. TOCYNNAU>>


Alison Child (R) and Rosie Wakley

7.45pm Aberration presents: ‘Forgotten Stars’ evening at Aberystwyth Arts Centre (Studio) [Cymraeg isod] Lively talks, songs and stories of LGBT+ history. TICKETS £10 / £8 (concs).

In a special presentation, Yasmin Begum (who is also leading a workshop, above) will use the lens of the 1919 race riots to shine a light on black and minority ethnic communities and queer people of colour in Wales. With film clips and discussion.

Alison Child will talk about the research for her new biography ‘Tell Me I’m Forgiven’, about the once-famous music hall duo (and romantic pairing) Gwen Farrar and Norah Blaney. Ali and her partner Rosie Wakley will treat us to some of the songs that Gwen and Norah used to sing. Plus storytelling by Queer Tales from Wales: coppermine girls, women wrestlers and men in pink houses. BUY TICKETS NOW>>

7.45 yh Aberration yn cyflwyno: ‘Forgotten Stars’ yn Canolfan Y Celfyddydau (Stiwdio): sgyrsiau bywiog, caneuon a straeon o hanes LHDT. Tocynnau £10/£8.

Mewn cyflwyniad arbennig, bydd Yasmin Begum yn defnyddio lens terfysgoedd ras 1919 i ddisgleirio golau ar gymunedau pobl dduon a lleiafrifoedd ethnig a phobl queer o liw yng Nghymru.

Bydd Alison Child yn siarad am yr ymchwil ar gyfer ei Bywgraffiad newydd ‘ Tell Me I’m Forgiven’, am y ddeuawd neuadd gerddorol a fu’n enwog ar un adeg (a’r pâr rhamantaidd) Gwen Farrar a Norah Blaney. Bydd Ali a’i phartner Rosie Wakley yn ein trin ni i rai o’r caneuon y mae Gwen a Norah yn canu. Ynghyd ag adrodd straeon gan Queer Tales o Gymru: merched copr, ymgodymwyr menywod a dynion mewn tai pinc. TOCYNNAU>>

+ Charity RAFFLE (bring a prize if you can!), guest appearance from friend of Aberration NORENA SHOPLAND with her latest queer history book, PLANET magazine on sale, and COMMUNITY COHESION stall.

+ Raffl, awdur Norena Shopland, Stondinau Cylchgrawn Planet a ‘Community Cohesion’.


Cabarration 2019

Barbara Nice crowdsurfs her way to the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent

[PAST EVENT: you are now entering the realm of past fabulousness and nostalgia…]

Mae’n ol! Bigger and better than ever! A massive Aberration queer-themed cabaret night: Cabarration in the Great Hall at Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

8pm Friday 15 November 2019, Aberystwyth

Starring Barbara Nice – ordinary housewife extraordinaire – a refreshing blast of proper good fun. She believes in bargains, public transport and livin’ la vida loca! Recently seen storming it in the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent 2019, with her quick-fire chat and stage-diving, Barbara is guaranteed to bring joy to any audience.

Shelf, up-to-the-minute lesbian comedy duo from that London
Edd Muir, aerial artist extraordinaire
Rad drag-king troupe The Family Jewels
Live music from melodic local band Chocolat
Compere Helen Sandler
Wear your best queer cabaret get-up!
Edrych ymlaen!

Edd Muir on pole

For all LGBT+ people and open-minded straight folks. Age guidance 16+ . Not suitable for children due to adult humour, references to hanky panky, and perhaps a little light striptease if you’re lucky.

Oo-er missus/ mister/ wotever!

Tickets: £14 / £10 (concs) from Aberystwyth Arts Centre on the links below.



Shelf: “cool and relevant” – The Skinny

Event supported by Prifysgol Aberystwyth University and Over the Rainbow vegetarian guesthouse. Programmed by SpringOut and Enfys Aber.

100 Welsh Women event

Wed 6 March 2019, 7.45pm Round Studio, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, £6 / £5


{Scroll down for English} Dathlwch Ddiwrnod Menywod Rhyngwladol!  Darganfyddwch 100 o fenywod anhygoel o’r gorffennol a’r presennol sydd wedi gweithio dros gydraddoldeb yng Nghymru.  Gyda sgyrsiau (Dinah Mulholland, Megan Talbot a mwy), barddoniaeth (Gillian Clarke) a cherddoriaeth fyw (Cerys Hafana – telyn). Croeso i bawb. Iaith: Saesneg

Cerys Hafana

Aberration, WEN Wales (Women’s Equality Network) and Aberystwyth University bring you this special evening to celebrate International Women’s Day.
‘100 Welsh Women’ will include music, poetry and discussion:

Gillian Clarke

Book your tickets for 100 Welsh Women now>>

Poetry: Gillian Clarke, former National Poet of Wales, will read her lyrical and moving poems. If you have never heard Gillian read, you are in for a mesmerising treat. If you have heard her before, then you know you will want to be here for this! Gillian has been awarded the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry and the Wilfred Owen Award. Selected Poems (Picador) was published in 2016, Zoology (Carcanet) in 2017, and her version/ translation of the 7th century Welsh poem Y Gododdin, appears this year from Faber.

Speakers: Dinah Mulholland (left), Chisomo Phiri (centre) and Megan Talbot will form a knowledgeable and rousing panel, chaired by our own Helen Sandler (right).

Dinah is a political activist who has campaigned around domestic abuse, women in prison and austerity. Dinah was the Labour Party candidate for Ceredigion in the 2017 General Election and is involved in setting up a local branch of Acorn Tenants Union.

Chisomo is the NUS Wales Women’s Officer. She was elected on a manifesto of campaigning to end period poverty, encouraging women to run for leadership, and tackling sexual harassment. She aims to create a strong, intersectional movement.

Megan is an associate lecturer in law at Aberystwyth University and is studying legal recognition of non-binary genders internationally. She is co-convener in the Aberystwyth Interdisciplinary Gender Studies Research Group (aber gender).

Helen is a writer and editor who runs Tollington Press and comperes Aberration. She has been involved in theatre and events for women and LGBT+ people for many years.

>>Book your tickets for 100 Welsh Women now>>

Live music: Musical interludes from Cerys Hafana (pictured, top) on the Welsh triple harp. Cerys is a talented young musician who lives locally. She is a member of the National Youth Folk Ensemble, and last year played at the Festival Interceltique de Lorient with Tŷ Teires and Robin Huw Bowen, and on the Aran Islands with Cerrig Camu. She will play her own compositions and tell us a little about the history of the instrument.

Joan and Linda of Bright Field
Bright Field

Bright Field sing folk harmonies such as Georgian, Corsican, Shape Note, British traditional and sacred music, as well as modern compositions. They enjoy the way voices will lock into or lean on one another. The group has changed its make-up over the years, but local singers Linda Gwillim and Joan Mills, who join us for the evening, have been a part of Bright Field since it began back in 2001.

Exhibition: on display will be WEN’s exhibition of posters of significant and inspiring women, past and present, who have worked for equality in Wales – including Gillian Clarke. We will pick out some of these women with readings chosen specially.

Inclusive fabulousness: All welcome at this inspiring evening. Whether you identify as female, male or non-binary, whether you are trans, intersex, queer, lesbian, gay, bi, straight, unsure or wotever… you are very welcome at all Aberration events.

Language: Event mainly in English.

Booking: Book your tickets for 100 Welsh Women now>>