Aberration: All Queered Up 19 Feb 2016

Amy Dillwyn
Amy Dillwyn (R&S Morris)

All Queered Up

Celebrating LGBT History Month

Dathlu Mis Hanes LGBT

7.45pm Friday 19 February 2016 (doors open 7.30pm) Aberystwyth Arts Centre Studio

7:45pm Gwener 19 Chwefror (drysau am 7:30pm) Stiwdio Canolfan y Celfyddydau

Tickets £7.50 from box office // Tocynnau £7.50 o’r Swyddfa Docynnau:
www.aberystwythartscentre.co.uk  01970 623232

An evening of talks, discussion
and music

Noswaith o gerddoraeth, siarad a thrafod

The life, loves & literature of Amy Dillwyn

Amy Dillwyn (1845-1935) was an iconoclastic novelist and a trailblazing female industrialist, described as ‘one of the most remarkable women in Great Britain’. For over 30 years, she was inspired and troubled by her unrequited love for the woman she called her ‘wife’ in her diaries, a story which she tells over again in her fiction.  This talk takes in the life, loves, and literature of this cigar-smoking pioneer. Presented by Dr Kirsti Bohata of Swansea University.

Cyflwyniad i’r awdur Amy Dillwyn gan Kirsti Bohata o Brifysgol Abertawe.

A conversation with Miss Frances Power Cobbe and Miss Mary Charlotte Lloyd

Frances Power Cobbe
Frances Cobbe

The writer and women’s rights campaigner Frances Power Cobbe (1822-1904) and her lifelong partner, the sculptor Mary Charlotte Lloyd, met in Rome. They lived together first in London and then near Dolgellau. Buried a century ago in the churchyard at Llanelltyd, they speak from beyond the grave about their lives and passions. Presented by Aberration’s own Jane Hoy and Helen Sandler.

Sgwrs o du hwnt i’r bed gyda’r awdur ac ymgyrchwr hawliad menwyod Frances Power Cobbe, a’i phartner oes a cherflunydd Mary Charlotte Lloyd. Cyflwynir gan Jane Hoy and Helen Sandler.

Thinking Gay Pictures: Art History and Gay Men 

The ‘father of art history’ was a gay man, J.J.  Winckelmann (1717 – 1768). His writings changed the way people viewed art. This illustrated talk looks at the effect his sensibility had on generations of  gay men and the ways in which they made, viewed and pursued sculptures and pictures – and represented their own desires. Presented by Professor Colin Cruise of Aberystwyth University.

Sgwrs am Gelf Hoyw gan Colin Cruise o Brifysgol Aberystwyth.

The Sleep of Endymion by Anne-Louis Girodet


The evening is chaired by historian Norena Shopland, who will get us all talking about the LGBT lives of the past. Norena’s focus is the enormous influence people from Wales have made on all aspects of sexual orientation and gender identity. But when it comes to people from history, can we retro-sexualise individuals? Are modern terms such as homosexual and transgender appropriate?

Caiff y noswaith ei Chadeirio gan yr Hanesydd Norena Shopland, a fydd hefyd yn siarad am fywydau pobl LGBT y gorffennol.


Stephanie Finegan

Musical interlude from Stephanie Finegan: singer-songwriter, poet, force of nature.

Bydd cerddoriaeth byw gan gyfansoddwraig a’r gantores Stephanie Finegan.

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Tickets £7.50 from box office // Tocynnau £7.50 o’r Swyddfa Docynnau:
www.aberystwythartscentre.co.uk  01970 623232

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