Queer History Walk

Jane Hoy telling tales at Aberystwyth Castle walls on a previous Queer History Walk

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Sat 20 Aug 2022. Meet 2.30pm at Bank Vault, 1 New Street, Aberystwyth with your tickets (in hand or on phone). The Bank Vault is a lovely new bar that is helping us out with events – buy a refreshing drink before we set out!

Discover the queer history of Aberystwyth on this easy two-hour walk. We’ll be exploring the town’s alleyways and buildings where LGBTQ+ people contributed to some historic moments.  On the way we will be listening to stories about LGBTQ+ people from the 1860s to the 1990s.

There will be poetry from winners of Bardic prizes, and a singalong to sea shanty Lesberados outside the old lesbian nightclub Wrecked. We’ll also hear about historian John Davies who came out as bisexual at Cardiff Pride in 2012, and discuss the scandal of the 1950s – was Principal Goronwy Rees of the University really a Soviet spy and homosexual?

There’ll be more surprises on the way. You may even have your own story to tell. Led by Jane Hoy of Queer Tales from Wales & Aberration.

You might also like to come to the Aberration picnic later in the day. View the whole day on the main Summer Sizzlers page >>